Bear Valley Elementary PTA

General Meeting Agenda

February 24, 2022

I. Call to order, 4:02 pm

People in attendance: Meredith Bass, Gracie Zamarron, Katie Rohrs, Kelly Todd, Kylie Lake, Priya Lindeen, Rachel Roux, Samantha Mize, Aimee Villareal, Marianne Brandt

II. VP Membership Report; Less than 100 PTA Members

III. Secretary’s Report, approve 2nd quarter meeting minutes- Approved PTA Meeting Minutes seconded by Gracie Zamarron

IV. Treasurer’s Report

Total in account $48,243. 65. Some of the teachers have not done their $250 grant as of yet. Zamarron to send out reminder with deadline of April 1. Teachers can split up their money if they prefer.

V. VP Fundraising Report

SPIRIT STORE: $700 in profit with most recent store opening. New logo to be introduced in the fall.

March 2nd: Roadhouse Dine to Donate; 10%

Papa Murphys: $350 in profit

FUN RUN: Info coming home with students in March and early April. Kickoff April 4. There will be an intro video. Run is April 15. Track outside the school and kids get sponsorship per lap- capped at 35 laps. Fun Run t-shirts to be made. $2000 in sponsorship from different companies. Money is planned to go to help purchase a plow for better snow removal. This is very needed for our school. Each kid will have an online portal and they can win prizes daily.

Another purchase with PTA Funds: Cones delivered to Mrs. Cook to help make the parking lot safer.

Major purchase of the year- Veriquest.

Roadhouse Bread Sale: 50/50 split; putting feelers out to see if parents are interested. Around Easter. Sell 12 for $8. Flyers go home with kids, sell and pay when they order. Vouchers go home with kids. Families pick up bread from Roadhouse with vouchers. April 1- 11.

VI. VP Programs Report

VII. Principal’s Report, Mrs. Cote not in attendance today

VIII. President’s Report

Book Fair for two days, $5,343. Total is $18,000 in book fair sales. Money is to straight to the teachers. They will get a little over $3,000 from scholastic to purchase items.

IX. Committee Reports

A. BVCA/PTA Winter Family Fun Event; March 19, Sat 1-3 pm; includes skating, sledding, PTA providing hot cocoa; food trucks and hot dogs available. Fire truck may come.

B. Yearbook: deadline is March 18 to order yearbooks. Submit pictures on Shutterfly. Will post link again on Facebook page. Final page submission due March 21. Need to determine if we can get extension or submit pages later for Spring events. Signature pages can be ordered early for kids to sign each others.

X. New Business

A. Staff Appreciation week: First week of May.

B. 5th Grade Outdoor School: Ms Lake; 2 full days outside learning. $20 per kid. Asking for $60 per class to help in case certain families cant afford. April. Tentative dates. Vote to donate $120- approved.

C. 2022-23 Board and Committee Positions

XI. Adjourn at 5:00 pm

Dates to remember:

Next meeting: May 12, 2021, 4:00 pm


PRESIDENT: Leads and guides the PTA; oversees the board and committees.

1ST VP - MEMBERSHIP: Maintains membership database and organizes volunteers. Assist the

President as needed. Run meetings in the President's absence.

2ND VP - FUNDRAISING: Organizes and tracks school fundraising programs.

3RD - VP PROGRAMS: Arranges special programs and activities outside the regular school day.

SECRETARY: Records meeting minutes, updates website.

TREASURER: Manages financial transactions and PTA funds; tracks the budget; prepares

financial books for audit. Accounting skills a plus, but not required.


Enrichment Chair: Together with teachers and BVCA, brainstorm possible programs and classes

to offer at school within your assigned budget. Programs can address any part of a child’s

development: academic, physical, language, artistic, etc... Commitment is two to three hours per


Book Fair Chair: Assist in planning setting up and tearing down displays before and after the

event. Recruit volunteers to work shifts during the fair. Must be available in October during the

conference week.

Hospitality Chair: This committee is assigned a budget to hold various staff appreciation events

throughout the year, usually during the two parent teacher conference weeks and teacher

appreciation week in May.

Yearbook Chair: Oversee Yearbook committee, help take pictures, design and prepare pages,

promote sales, and distribute books.

Fall Family Fun Night: Assist in the planning and running of the event in October.

Holiday Store: Assist in the planning and running of the holiday store in December and shopping for the next year’s store. Option to shadow the existing chair for one year.