PTA Meeting Minutes 9/29/2022

Bear Valley PTA

General Meeting Agenda

September 29, 2022

I. Call to order at 7:05 pm ; 20 members in attendance via Zoom (Meredith Bass, Aimee Villareal, Samantha Mize, Katie Rohrs, Gacie Zamarron, Sara Gilk-Baumer, Jennifer Pepin, Betsy, Michaela Belliston, Olivia Sims, Minna, Jennifer, Betsy, Alexis Smith, Marti, Kathleen Lyons, Nicole Sherer, Amanda, zoom user, Priya Lindeen)

II. VP Membership report (Kathy Lyons)

-94 current members, $25 dollars per member, $581.25 to Alaska PTA for membership dues at this time based on current membership, this amount may change as more members join

III. Secretary’s report (Samantha Mize)

A. Approval of May 2022 minutes; motion to approve Kelly Todd, second Meredith Bass

IV. Treasurer’s report (Kelly Todd)

A. 2021-22 audit

B. Close out 2021-22 budget; motion to close out passes

C. 2022-23 proposed budget; new budget emailed with ZOOM invitation email for all members to review

- Additional funds allotted for school dance, 6th grade camp, Battle of the Books, Outdoor Classroom, school beautification projects, and additional items/events such as new playground equipment (Samantha Mize made motion to approve, 14 members in favor of approving, new budget for 2022-2023 school year passes)

V. Principal’s report (Meredith Bass)

-PTA supported author Julia Cook to come read to the students

-PTA donations of new playground equipment have helped support children during recess

-Concrete benches were unsafe and have been removed thus expanding play space for the children during recess

-Tetherballs need to be connected in a more functional manner

-Student Council speeches were accomplished this week. The students did very well with their speeches and presentations.

-Battle of the Books coming up; 2 sets of groups (3rd/4th and 5th/6th) practicing with one weekly lunch meeting; school wide battle; they will compete in March 2023; PTA is helping to support this opportunity by supporting the purchase of books; volunteers may be needed in November; these teams may like t-shirts (this may be a good opportunity for PTA to help support this event, especially at competition time). PTA Board to potentially design and order t-shirts for the event.

-Lights need to be changed out in classrooms, which should be accomplished soon.

-Bussing suspended again starting this upcoming Monday

-Radio transmitter should be arriving soon. Parents will be able to tune into Bear Valley Radio and listen to announcements, etc.

VI. President’s report (Meredith Bass)

VII. VP Fundraising’s report (Aimee Villareal)

A. Friends of Bear Valley- higher participation this year than last year

-Students received a small bear prize for any family donation. These were distributed at school. They had the option to pick from multiple different prizes. Any family that donated also received a Proud Parent Magnet. This is different than last year because any donation amount qualified a family to receive a magnet, as opposed to gifts being given to only families who donated $50 or more. The intent was to increase participation and reward everyone who chose to donate. Would like to continue this next year to help increase involvement and show our appreciation.

B. Dine to Donate-Texas Roadhouse (October 6th)

-If we hit $2500 in sales then we get our percentage back to PTA plus a meal that can be used to help support Teacher Conference day meals.

-Papa Murphy’s Pizza Fundraiser coming up right before Halloween. This will be held most likely the weekend before so that families can purchase a pizza and then have an easy meal for Halloween evening.

C. Holiday Catalog

-Coming up soon. Not a mandatory fundraiser but any family who wishes to participate is able to do so.

D. Spirit Wear; $1200 profit: profit was used to purchase additional items for in person shopping so that people can have the option to buy off the inventory at the school.

E. Book Vending Machine

-PTA funding has allowed us to purchase a Book Vending Machine for the school. Scholastic dollars help stock this machine. This can be used as an incentive for students to reward them. Books can be “purchased” by the students as rewards. 15 weeks delivery after we submit the design. We are currently in the design phase.

F. Outdoor Classroom

-A current budgetary item this year is to provide improvements to the existing outdoor classroom. The Outdoor Classroom was started by a different PTA board years ago. Goals of the current PTA board are to build a permanent structure outside to help provide shelter for the students to learn. There will be instructional areas, benches, tables, etc. to help facilitate outdoor learning. We are currently in the design phase.

G. School Improvements

-$2,000 allotted to support playground items. This funding has been spent on new supplies including sleds and other needed items such as a new equipment cart.

VIII. VP Program’s report (Olivia Sims)

A. Trunk or Treat (Chair Kathy Lyons)

-Thursday, October 27th , Conference Week , starting at 6PM

-Photo Bus (VW bus) for pictures which will be printed at the location. They also provide a digital code for families so they can be downloaded and printed that way.

-Planning for a competition for “best car”

-Outdoor Haunted House setup by Trunk or Treat Committee

-9 Volunteers from Open House

-9 lbs of candy purchased thus far to help support volunteers

IX. VP Enrichment report (Katie Rohrs)

A. Iditarod/Earthquake presentation

B. Jennifer Caynor-Beluga Watch

-Potential new club formation. May involve an audit on plastic use to help raise awareness. This may look similar to an Oceanic Club. Funding is not a huge necessity. The program would need to accept the school program. There are many ways that this could be incorporated, such as after school program, student council, etc.

-Jennifer to pass information on to the PTA to see how we can help support the club. The club would need a sponsor teacher as well- Mrs. Zamarron volunteered to be sponsor teacher!

X. Committee reports

A. Book Fair: Set up on October 21 (Friday -no school). October 24 (preview day), 25, 26, 27. Last year over $17,000 raised. Shipping is back to normal with Scholastic so shouldn’t be an issue this year. Lots of parents have volunteered thus far.

B. Yearbook: Ms Minna Allen collecting pictures. We are going to push for pictures earlier this year. Pictures were taken with author Julia Cook and Principal Sherer took pictures of student council speeches.

C. Holiday Store: October 14- price tag items at 1 pm in the old PTA room; Room 109. Some new items may need to be purchased. There is still funding available. Inventory needs to be completed and review items to see what items may need to be purchased. Sign ups will go out as the date approaches for Holiday Store setup as well as running the actual shop during school hours when the students will be shopping.

XI. New Business

-Laminator rolls for cold laminator: needs PTA support to purchase (approx. $300 per roll); add to budget

-Requested another laminator: approx. $1500; add to budget

-Student supplies: There is an option to purchase a “pack” of school supplies. If there is parental interest this could be an option for next year. If we do this, it would be nice to advertise at Kindergarten Roundup. Meredith Bass is working on coordinating for next year to help ease the burden of shopping for school supplies for parents.

-Larissa is an artist and BV mom that has graciously offered to help us create new murals at the school to contribute to school beautification. Thank you Larissa!

-Improvement Ideas: positive messages in the bathrooms ; ideally painted messages so they cannot be removed

-Additional Improvement Ideas: Metal buddy bench under the patio where older kids like to hang out during recess

-New school mascot outfit is coming !

Meeting adjourned at 8:30 PM

Next Meeting: Thursday, November 17, 2022 at 6:00 PM. Pizza & PTA at the SCHOOL! The next meeting will be an in person event!