Bear Valley PTA

General Meeting Minutes

October 7, 2021

I. Call to order

a. ATTENDANCE: Meredith Bass, Samantha Mize, Kathleen Lyons, Brook Pester, Gracie Zamarron, Kelly Todd, Carissa Cote, Lorraine Suciu, Aimee Villarreal, Heather Wollrich, Amanda Doughty, Brooke Carney, Olivia Sims, Sara Gilk-Baumer, Katie Rohrs, Rick Farrell, Cathy Arnatt, Karen Limmer

II. VP Membership report

III. Secretary’s report; approval of May 2021 minutes MINUTES APPROVED

IV. Treasurer’s report (PRESENTED BY KELLY TODD); Proposed budget was emailed out by PTA President. Budget allows for a $2500 teacher grant as well as various other line items. Book fairs will require some expenses, however will gain funds overall. In regards to Yearbook, Brooke Pester was concerned about finances. Yearbooks should make money, however there was an expense in regards to yearbook from last year due to lack of sales due to Covid. After discussion, Yearbook line item should be adjusted to income. Move to approve the budget by Kelly. Motion passed. Kelly put forth a motion to close last year’s budget. Motion passed.

A. 2020-21 audit

B. close out 2020-21 budget; Motion Passed

C. 2021-22 proposed budget; Approved; Motion Passed

V. Principal’s report

Currently scheduling Teacher/Parent Conferences. Scheduling can be done online, via a link emailed out to all parents. We are looking for Substitute Teachers. Monday, October 18, we should be able to begin serving Hot Lunches again. There is a tremendous amount of interest in student counsel. The students are currently working on their speeches. Students will not watch all the speeches. Parents will be invited to attend in person or via Zoom. The length of the speeches due to the number of students interested is too long for all students to attend all speeches this year. Voting will be through Chromebooks on Google docs instead of on paper this year. First round of testing just ended. Chromebook supply is high. All Chromebooks that were used at home have been returned and the school has also gained some as well.

VI. President’s report: Prepare for emails to be sent out requesting for volunteers. Due to Covid, we are building up PTA fundraisers and events this year and will need lots of help.

VII. VP Fundraising’s report: Friends of Bear Valley. 1 week left in the fundraiser. We are currently at $11,600. We have another $3,050 acknowledged in match, however that is not guaranteed. One more flyer will be sent home as well. Goal of $15,000.

Papa Murphy’s Pizza night planned for October 30 and 31.

Nov 17: Dine to Donate with Texas Roadhouse

Spirit Wear: The shop is open! The PTA will make about $5 per item. To maximize profits, we are trying the approach of carrying less inventory and letting parents use the pop up shop. It will be open for 2 weeks. We only have to sell 12 items per logo design to get the bulk discount. People pay online for any orders and items can be shipped directly to their home or to the school.

More holiday fundraisers to come including selling holiday items. We will gauge interest this year and decide whether or not to continue in years to come.

Website donations: Link to paypal is now fixed (it is uncertain how long it was down, but people can now donate again as of this week). Aimee and Meredith both verified that donations have been coming in. The negative of our current link is that the member has to have a Paypal account to donate. Other members suggested Venmo due to its ease of use. Kelly to look into creating Venmo account and linking to PTA bank account. Once Venmo account created, Samantha can then embed the link onto the website so that for the end of the Friends of Bear Valley Fundraiser Venmo can be a donation option.

Holiday Store: Mrs. Wollrich has offered to include jewelry at a flat fee that the PTA can then sell at the store so the students have nice jewelry options to select as presents to purchase. Current volunteer manager of the school store will run it again this year, but we will need a new volunteer to help manage next year. Budget is $5,000 for the year to help purchase discount items that are then offered for kids to go shopping for their families and friends at the school store. Shopping is done during the “big clearance sales” and then stored until the Holiday Store opens. Aimee brought up an alternative option to supplying gifts for the students to buy in the future if we are unable to find a volunteer to take it on in the future. Some companies will ship you the items, they get sold at the store, and then left over items get shipped back.

Holiday Catalog: Shipping is delayed significantly. Scholastic book orders are incredibly slow as well. We will try to start in October to help alleviate some of the potential issues with shipping.

VIII. VP Program’s report

No movie night due to be planned due to difficulties in the past. Possible skate night to be planned.

IX. Committee reports

A. Book Fair: Volunteers needed to restock shelves. Left over books to be set up used during the Holiday Store as “buy one get one free.” There will also be a Spring book store.

B. Outdoor classroom: Split logs to become benches for students to sit in and participate in making a “river” art piece. We could have upwards of 60 students outside using the benches. If there is more we want to do then we need permission from ASD before doing so.

C. Yearbook: We are in need of a Yearbook Chair and volunteers for the Yearbook Committee. Please email Meredith if you are interested. It is a big job to take on, and we are in desperate need of a committee to help head this up. Brooke Carney offered to volunteer with Yearbook! Shutterfly is utilized to help collect pictures from teachers and parents and developing yearbook layout. Parents can upload directly to the site, and these are used to help construct the “fun” pages.

D. Spirit Wear: Beanies will only be sold at the school. They will be available October 25th. They will not be on the online shop. Request for zipper hoodie to be included next year with small logo on side. This could be a potential for next year. We can request for this year, but it may not happen until next year dependent upon if the company can design it this year in time for pop up shop.

X. New Business:

REQUEST FOR FUNDS FROM OUR PRINCIPAL: Teachers red cameras are not compatible with Chromebooks. We have a need for 6 new document cameras. They are roughly $99 a piece. $600 donation would help support our teachers and get them new document cameras that would be compatible. This could potentially be included in School Improvements line item in the budget. Current budget of $7,000 in our annual budget.

Next Meeting: Thursday, December 2, 2021 4:00 PM via ZOOM

Meeting adjourned at 4:57 pm.