Bear Valley Elementary PTA

General Meeting Agenda

November 17, 2022

  1. Call to order, 6:15 pm

    1. Attendance: 22 in attendance

    2. Meredith Bass, Samantha Mize, Kathleen Lyons, Katie Rohrs, Josh Mize, Jen Arko, Jennifer Pepin, Tamara Rentz, Stephanie McCartney, Aimee Campbell, Kev Morris, Charli Stender, Gracie Zamarron, Jennifer Caynor, Priya Lindeen, Brooke Kuhn, Marti Titus, Teresa Ulrich, Leslee Kendall, Aimee Villarreal, Nikki Scherer, Kelly Todd

  2. VP Membership Report (Kathleen Lyons)

    1. One new PTA member joined this month, otherwise no new membership reports.

  3. Secretary’s Report (Samantha Mize), approve 1st quarter meeting minutes; Gracie Zamarron motioned to approve, minutes approved.

    1. Meeting minutes from today’s in person meeting will be posted for public view on the pta website at bearvalleypta.com. Meeting minutes will also be emailed to PTA members prior to next general meeting.

  4. Treasurer’s Report (Kelly Todd)

    1. Current balance of PTA funds: $65,000

    2. Net income this year thus far: $2,600

    3. $1,800 of funds this year has come from membership dues.

  5. VP Fundraising Report (Aimee Villareal)

    1. HOLIDAY CATALOG: This fundraiser just recently ended. Items ordered should be shipping soon.

    2. SPIRIT WEAR: The second online spirit wear store just closed. This will be the last store opening of this semester. You can expect the store to be reopened at least once next semester. All income from the store has gone toward increasing physical stock/increase inventory that can be sold at various events throughout the year for those who choose to shop in person as opposed to online.

    3. BOOK FAIR: Those who ordered presale can expect those items to arrive at the school within the next 1-2 weeks.

    4. FUN RUN

      1. Proposed at the meeting for 6th graders to participate in a competition to design this year’s Fun Run shirt. Ideas proposed and agreed upon by most members involve the students spending the winter break creating their designs, which would be submitted in January when they return from break.

      2. Skinny Raven to donate personalized bibs for each student this year.

      3. Proposed to discontinue tallying laps this year due to difficulty getting volunteers and some complaints from donors. There is the potential for donors to donate a flat amount for a child’s time/participation in the event.

    5. PAPA MURPHY’S: Next fundraiser will be Super Bowl Weekend.

    6. OUTDOOR CLASSROOM: At this time, this is where the PTA is focusing a lot of energy on. Current funds raised and going toward supporting this exciting classroom for our students to utilize.

    7. SCHOOL BEAUTIFICATION: This is another focus that the Board is currently funding. Larissa is currently working on a beautiful new mural in the library and next semester will begin work on multiple bathroom beautification murals and positive messages. A plywood coverage is needed to help increase esthetics in the library. Volunteers who are capable are requested to help with the project.

  6. VP Programs Report (Kathleen Lyons presented due to absence of VP Programs at this meeting)

    1. March Madness Mingle

      1. Upcoming school dance next semester

      2. Scheduled March 3, 2023

      3. This replaces Hibernation Hop that had been sponsored by the PTA in previous years. In the past, Hibernation Hop was an event that attendees had to pay for. The Board would like the March Madness Mingle to be an event that is free for all students and parents and plan to fully fund the event for the benefit of all students, teachers, and staff.

  7. Enrichment Report (Katie Rohrs)

    1. Alaska Native Heritage Center: Scheduled January 13. Students are scheduled in 2 blocks to participate in the presentation based on grade level.

    2. Junior Native Olympics and Pumyua Concert both to be potential events in the Spring. Katie to follow up with both groups to obtain more information and determine potential dates and if these events would be beneficial for the students to participate in.

  8. Principal’s Report (Principal Sherer)

    1. News station is up and running! Students can listen during drop off to daily newscast. It is approximately 12 minutes long. There are plans in action to add song clips to the recording, as well as feature the school choir and band. If volunteers would like to contribute and add content, voice memos can be recorded and submitted to Principal Sherer.

    2. Proposed News Club; potential new club formation

    3. Food bank was very successful. We saw high participation from our students. The students were able to take a tour of the food bank as well.

    4. Latest newsletter to go out soon- watch for it this upcoming week.

  9. President’s Report (Meredith Bass)

    1. Book Fair: Raised $7,707.50. All proceeds have gone toward purchasing books to supply the new book vending machine. We are currently expecting the book vending machine to arrive at the beginning of the new year. Another book fair will be held at the same time as the Holiday Store so that students can shop at both. Spirit wear will also be sold at this book fair.

  10. Adjourn at 7:30 pm

Next meeting: TENTATIVE DATE, Thursday, March 2, 7pm via ZOOM