PTA MEETING 05/12/2022

Bear Valley PTA General Meeting Agenda May 12, 2022

Attendance: Meredith Bass, Kathleen Lyons, Kelly Todd, Brooke Carney, Katie Rohrs, Carissa Cote, Olivia Simms, Amy Villareal, Lorraine S., Nikki Scherer, Minna

  1. Call to order , 4:03 pm

  1. Secretary’s Report - approve minutes from last meeting , Meredith vote to approve, Kelly second

  2. Treasurer’s Report - $28,000 in account, snowplow has been purchased now

  3. Principal’s report- Thank you too all volunteers for Staff Appreciation and supporting the school with the fun run. John Deere plow has been ordered. Green light to be able to park in garage area. We ordered through the district- they have a specific model that they approve because of its reliability. This summer repair from the earthquake will be completed, particularly above the ceiling. New lights that are energy efficient will be installed. Cracks in the ground under carpet and linoleum will be repaired. Teachers will have to clear rooms for the summer in preparation for the construction. Assessments have been completed. BV scored high in the district. 6th grade is getting ready for end of the year ceremony.

  4. VP Membership’s Report - Kathie; membership remaining stable.

  5. VP Fundraising’s Report- New kindergarten shirts for fall semester. Teachers have chosen to keep the traditional style shirts with traditional quote. Maroon color. Looking into options to spend the extra funds raised from the Fun Run. There were some additional items that teachers may like for the Variquest machine. We also have a potential need for a new mascot costume. Vending machine is also a potential option for how to spend funds. New playground toys and sleds may be another option to help support the school. There are durable sled options at Costco in the fall. These type of toys may be something to be ordered annually. In the Fall, Friends of Bear Valley fundraiser will take place. This last year the catalog fundraiser was a success and raised a fair amount of funds. Lower participation than the Fun Run, but still very successful. Fun Run will be put on again next Spring. Need a better way to count the laps or we can potentially do a flat donation for next year so that we do not have to count laps. Goals for fundraising for next year is to be clear about what we are going to spend the funds on. Quote for the vending machine= $6,645 including shipping , 500 tokens, upgraded to include both picture and chapter books. Quote for poster maker printer for Variquest $8,000. Fun Run raised just under 40k, John Deere was 21.6k. If we choose to purchase a vending machine, then we need to determine how to distribute tokens to the children.

  6. VII.VP Programs’ Report- Olivia; Plan to put on more events next year now that Covid restrictions has eased.

  7. VIII.President’s Report- Plan to meet this summer and delegate more to volunteers in the upcoming school year. Brainstorm ways to increase membership and volunteer activity next year.

  8. Committee Reports A. Yearbook

  9. New Business

      1. Request from Nikki Sherer for a few items to help support the school. Will write up a list of item requests for the board to review.

A. Election of officers: 10 particpants present for the vote and approved

  1. President: Meredith Bass

  2. VP Membership: Kathie Lyons

  3. VP Fundraising: Aimee Villarreal

  4. VP Programs: Olivia Sims

  5. VP Enrichment: Katie Rohrs

  6. Treasurer: Kelly Todd

  7. Secretary: Samantha Mize

End of meeting 5:06 pm.